An editorial “Let off the hook – Maulvi Aziz acquitted,” reminds one that the law is blind, but in our country it means that the law is not only blind but dumb and deaf also. The acquittal of Maulvi Abdul Aziz, the mastermind of Lal Masjid fiasco, in all cases by the court seems to speak volumes about our rerated justice system, or should I be brave and say un-just system? Does this mean that he was innocent; he had not held the entire capital city hostage, and put the life of male and female students at risk?

It is true, that Gen. Musharraf was responsible for the mess it turned into but he did not attack the ‘Jamia’ like terrorists attack schools or hospitals. His was a military operation against a group of terrorists. Though there was plenty of evidence, eye-witness accounts, media and agencies’ reports, live TV footages of hooliganism, firing and burning by men and women led by Aziz brothers are still available in the archives of different channels. The citizens and politicians, anchorpersons and columnists, intellectuals and strategists were in one voice demanding action. Newspaper reports of those days are a proof.

Why were the courts silent during Musharraf regime? Is it because then he was in power and today he is under arrest? Is it because it is believed that a government has been installed in Islamabad that gives courts the levity to follow the cases against the people they want? Were the petitioners waiting for a regime change? This would clearly mean that our courts do not act independently in deciding the cases, but are dependent on who is ruling the country. Which shows that even our judiciary is politicized?

Is that’s why Gen Ziauddin, the hand-picked COAS by Nawaz Sharif, has found it convenient to move the high court now because he thinks that under the Nawaz government he would win the case? Does he think that courts are under government control or influence? Is it the government that tells the courts what the law and the timing of its implementation is?

Is Musharraf being taken to task only because an anti regime is at the head that would ensure maximum punishment for him? Cases after cases are being filed, hearings after hearings are being held, and remands after remands are being taken. Why not during his own regime then? Doesn’t it expose our entire legal system? This has turned Musharraf’ trial into an exercise of revenge, as if the former General was given, as a gift from abroad, to try him to equalize the days of Sharif’s’ own trial in exile. It is being said that scores of cases are waiting for Zardari too – a fact to which AAZ himself mentioned.

The judges under CJ have been getting absolved of the jugglery of expediency, the blame of legitimizing doctrine of necessity – but with the Maulana Aziz case, it seems nothing but only time has changed.


Islamabad, Septem