A young 13-year-old girl was allowed to be taken from a private school in Karachi, on the excuse that her mother was not well. She was abused, tortured, murdered and her mutilated body thrown several miles away in the vicinity of Sea View, yet no member of law enforcement agency noted this ugly event.

My humble question is what if the perpetrators were youngsters belonging to powerful feudal family or a very rich business tycoons, or real estate mafia tycoons, or connected to untouchable members of mafia gangs patronized by the political stakeholders of this unfortunate city?

Will the rich elite families help their children evade the law, as happened in Shahzeb’ murder case, or force the poor parents to be quiet and pay a hefty compensation for yet another heinous crime. The law must enforce its writ without any fear or favour, otherwise crime will flourish in Pakistan. Such heinous criminals must be hanged, not be recipients of favours by allowing them to go free by some ‘mercy petition.’


Karachi, September