One of the majour problems that Pakistan faces today is unemployment of our youth. The announcement of Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry and General Pervez Ashraf Kiani’s retirement during November 2013 comes with pleasure. Gen Kiani enjoyed extension whereas the Chief Justice did not opt for it; which certainly is a good gesture to be followed by bureaucrats in letter and spirit.

It’s ironic that most of our important departments are headed by retired and aging military and civilian bureaucrats. These parasites are sucking blood of poor nation; similar is the case of diplomats, serving in different parts of world. The continued load of these extravagant free loaders, who take their pensions as well as huge salaries, is like dead wood which needs to be cleared to give a chance to our fresh blood. There are many waiting in the wings to get a chance to enter civil service. PML-N Government should formulate a strict policy of not allowing extensions to any bureaucrat in future. The old ones must be sent packing without much ado.

Allah has blessed Pakistan with great human potential. As such hanging on to these old, hackneyed and incompetent officers is definitely dishonesty to the educated youth who are finding it hard to get jobs. If PML-N is an intelligent political party they would create new jobs for the youth.


Islamabad, October 7.