KARACHI - Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain has condemned Indian security forces' attacks on Line of Control and warned India not to take Pakistan’s preference of peace option as Pakistan`s weakness.  He said Pakistan doesn’t want war and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi should remember that war is not a good thing. Addressing Khidmat-e-Khalq Foundation volunteers here on Wednesday, Altaf Hussain said if the state declares war against India then MQM leaders and supporters will come into the field with coffins on their heads.

The MQM chief said for long various elements were propagating that the MQM has gone weak and even divided into the groups. If MQM has gone weak then how did the party broke 36 years record of collecting hides of sacrificial animals?” he asked.

Despite wishes of these elements, MQM is united, said Altaf Hussain.  The MQM chief said that the Urdu-speaking population has always been deliberately reduced and misrepresented under a conspiracy. “Political rights of the Urdu-speaking were robbed by unjust and illegal demarcations of constituencies. These injustices and suppression of rights would not continue for long,” said Hussain. He further said that most of the analysts were the part of the current status quo and representing the feudalism in the country.

He said that today the incident of Model Town has been discussed on every forum but it is unfortunate that the incident of Aligarh, Orangi Town and Pakka Qilla Hyderabad which claimed hundreds of lives had never been argued. “This impression has developed insecurity in the masses and hate feelings were presenting a parted vision of the country,” he added. Altaf Hussain said the political referees are showing the red card and that creation of new administrative units is inevitable to save the country.