DM London - A comedian who began her career by telling jokes to her dying sister has now been crowned Britain’s top woman comic. Jayde Adams, 29, was asked by her sister Jenna Adams to keep everyone in high spirits after she was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour. So Ms Adams, originally from Bristol, started telling jokes at her sister’s hospital bedside.

When her sister died two years later, Ms Adams felt inspired to carry on making people laugh and decided to forge a new career.

Now, after two years on the stand-up circuit, Ms Adams has won the coveted Funny Women Award 2014.

Ms Adams, who now lives in London, said: ‘When I got to the hospital, Jenna asked me to tell jokes because she said “everyone is looking at me like I’m going to die”.

‘She couldn’t handle the pressure of making people sad.

‘When my sister died, I was determined. I had this new sense of responsibility to live not just my own life, but hers as well.

‘She started me on this career path, no doubt about it. That’s really when I became aware of comedy, when she asked me to make some jokes at her hospital bedside, to distract us all from the illness.

‘She would be so proud of what I am doing. All I’m told is how proud she would be of me by family and her friends.’ 

After her diagnosis, Ms Adams’ sister was treated at Frenchay Hospital in Bristol. She married and moved to Portsmouth in 2009, where she died two years later, aged 23.  Soon after, Ms Adams began performing, incorporating jokes, rap, beat-boxing, dance and even opera singing into her shows.

Ms Adams, originally from Bristol but who now lives in London, was crowned the winner of the Funny Women Award 2014

She said: ‘Before that, I was at university but I wasn’t getting where I wanted to be. It all come together for me after that happened.

‘I always looked up to her because everyone loved her. It was a different experience, watching her become ill and deteriorate, and it shaped my work.