All the civic bodies badly failed to dispose of sacrificial animals’ waste properly during the three days of Eid-ul-Azha, as offal and other remains have been dumped on public places, residential areas and even along with roadsides, polluting the atmosphere in the city to a dangerous level.

The civic bodies including Rawalpindi Cantonment Board (RCB), Potohar Town and Rawal Town have failed to dispose of animals’ waste properly, as the sanitary workers threw entrails of sacrificial animals uncovered that too in the midst of residential areas and into seasonal local nullahs, posing serious health hazards and civic problems.

The areas where the offal have been dumped open included Chungi Number 22 main bus stop, Biscuit Factory Chowk, Ahmedabad, Adyala Road, Ali Town, Hill View, Gushanabad, a seasonal nullah at Dhamial Kalyal Road, banks of Nullah Leh, Morgah, Girja Road, Dhoke Syedan, Chakra, Peshawar Road, Fauji Colony, Shakrial, Bandh Khana Road, Soan River and many other areas, it was observed during a survey conducted by The Nation here on Wednesday.

According to health experts, such highly random throwing of animals’ waste can cause outbreak of infectious diseases anytime in the overcrowded residential areas and pollute the water of nullahs that flow in many towns and is used for irrigation purposes, especially in villages.

The people including traders, transporters and even army men who were discharging security duty in highly sensitive areas of GHQ have complained about this kind of disposal of the offal, intestines and other waste of sacrificial animals in the midst of residential areas and demanded of commissioner Rawalpindi, TMOs of Potohar and Rawal Towns and chief executive officer of RCB to order sanitary workers to lift the waste of animals and dump them at some proper place.

A visit paid by this scribe at bus stop of Chungi Number 22, revealed that sanitary workers of the civic body were dumping the entrails of sacrificial animals in the public transport terminal; thus polluting the air with bad smell.

Similarly, the offal and other remaining of animals were still lying along the main roads, streets and sewerages in many areas.

Likewise, in far-flung areas, the offal and other animals’ waste remained unattended in open grounds. In some brazen incidents, the stray dogs and scavenger birds were found tearing up and devouring upon these openly thrown pieces of the offal and other parts of animal waste.

An officer of Pakistan Air Force in Sher Zaman Colony, while talking to The Nation, said that improper disposal of the offal and wastes in nullahs and along Qasim Army Aviation Base was not only polluting the environment but also disturbing the aerial traffic due to flying birds. He said that the civic bodies should lift the offal immediately.

A van driver at Chungi # 22 said that the RCB sanitary workers have been lifting entrails from city and dumping them at the bus stop for the last two days.

An army commando, who was deputed at Army Check Post, also complained that the foul smell has made it impossible for him to perform duty. “I have vomited many times since morning owing to bad smell,” he said, adding that RCB should not dump the offal in public places.

The high-ups of RCB, PTMA and RTMA were not available for their comments on the issue.