Everyone knows that justice is blind, but in Pakistan this is literally true. The incident of 14 deaths in Model Town and a notorious man, called Gullu Butt, seen breaking car windows on TV screens for a whole day, are familiar images for all Pakistanis who watch television. What is amazing and dumbfounding is that the judges, where a case was registered against this man, are rummage through CCTV footage and they also require the police to produce the ‘club’ he ‘allegedly' used?

Pakistan is really such an amazing country. Despite the nation being a witnesses, the man was set free, to the disappointment of millions. Were our judges coerced to decide in favour of the ‘baddies’? Lahore High Court released Gullu and declared illegal any orders for his detention. Information reveals that Gullu is not only an activist of the PML-N but also a police tout. The Gullu Butt incident reveals a deeper, more sinister issue of home reared political activists that act as per the instructions of their political or religiously anointed bosses. Whether it be sectarian or religious target killings and bombings, there will always be a ‘Gullu Butt’ involved in the carnage.


United Kingdom, October 4.