The ill-fated people of this country are groaning under the burden of exorbitant taxes, bills, fees, sky high prices of edible commodities and rent. So many people have been reduced to beggary. They wander the streets, doing nothing, waiting for a few thousand promised by a misleading political act of charity, from the government, in the name of Benazir Income Support Program ( BISP) or some other such program.

The misery of the rural people of Sindh is undoubtedly frightful. It has increased ever since the reign of CM Qaim Ali Shah and his team. They have increased their non-productive expenditures and luxuries, milking the last drop of blood from the poor to provide them an extravagant lifestyle. The lament of the poor, I hope, will tear asunder the rule of such corrupt and inept rulers. Several villages have been hit by famine and the situation has become chronic and it has decimated the entire province. Shepherds are leaving the area in search of better conditions. At the same time, the number of the poor in the cities and towns is increasing alarmingly every year. Like many others, I know not when the plight of my countrymen will change things but I am convinced that as long as these present rulers, who without any thought, without even the simplest human feelings, are in power, nothing will change in this country.


Islamabad, October 3.