KHYBER AGENCY - A government primary school and a seminary was blown up through explosive devices in Walo Mela, Lashora area of tehsil Jamrud of Khyber Agency, official sources said on Monday.

The political administration confirmed the incident and said that heavy intensity bombs were planted at the Government Primary Boys School Sadullah kalley and a seminary Tanzeem Ahle Sunna Wal Jumaat, which went off with big bangs on last Sunday. The two buildings were completely demolished, however no causality was reported, as no one was present inside the buildings at the time of incident.

Local leader of Tanzeem Ahle Sunnah Wal Jumaat Maulana Shoaib said that four rooms and a veranda were destroyed in the blast. "With the fresh happening, the figure of destroyed state-run schools raised to ninety in Khyber Agency," sources informed.

Meanwhile, a kidnapped doctor was freed by undisclosed abductors in Jamrud on Tuesday.

Dr Irshad, who was abducted by unidentified armed persons four months ego from the Bypass Road of Jmarud, reached his home.


Staff Reporter from Peshawar adds: The under-construction three-storeyed building of Charbagh Police Station was blown up on Tuesday night. However, no loss of human life was reported in the incident, as the building was empty at the time of blast.

According to police, some unknown miscreants planted two bombs of five kilogrammes at the under-construction building of Police Station Charbagh, district Swat, which went up with a big bang on Eid night. The explosion resulted in the collapse of the building. However, no loss of human life was occurred in the incident.

The previous building of the Charbagh Police Post was destroyed in a suicide attack and after up-gradation to full-pledge Police Station the construction of new building was in progress, which was blown up in the explosion.