In Pakistan, there is no concept of toll free calls. All government institutions, banks and other large profitable companies have a UAN (111) number, which costs per minute. But there are no free calls; a marketing tactic used in developed countries to increase business. Few banks have 0800 numbers but they are toll free only if called from a landline. If one is dialing from a cell phone, it is charged. If a daily wage labourer or any poor person calls NADRA or a bank to make an inquiry, which in Pakistan takes at least 10-15 minutes, it costs him more or less 30-50 rupees, which is very steep. It is very important that our government starts toll free numbers for organizations such as NADRA, passport office and others service providers to help the poor masses. Banks are rich entities, minting money on high interest rates. They ought have toll free numbers to facilitate their clients.


Karachi, October 3.