Water has become a rare commodity for the residents of Airport Housing Society (AHS), sector VI, and other localities who have accused the authorities concerned of being indifferent to their problems and paying no heed to their repeated requests and even on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha they were forced to buy water.

A large number of residents complained that they have been facing water shortage for the last four weeks and have been left with no choice but to buy water at Rs 1,000 to Rs 1,200 per tanker. They said, “We are forced by the authorities concerned to join sit-in at D Chowk Islamabad to register a protest. Water is not available even in the mosques and people have no choice to do ablution at their homes too. Despite registering complaints with the Airport Housing Authority’s offices, the problem still persists and our repeated requests for provision of water have been put on wait even on the occasion of Eid,” they added.

They also said the authorities concerned had made their lives miserable and let the tankers mafia to charge on its own. They alleged that the authorities concerned also took their share from tankers mafia, which chose these localities to sell water. They said there was no shortage of water at the end of supply lines but authorities blocked the supply to create demands to give benefit to tankers mafia.