ISLAMABAD - Pakistan's highly successful squash player of recent times Aamir Atlas Khan says he is ready to respond to Pakistan Squash Federation SoS call and return back to Pakistan with only one condition and that is respect.

Atlas, who won the Asian Individual Squash Champion in 2013 for Pakistan after a gap of 15 years, is currently based in New York, USA and left the country in frustration due to what he termed ‘highly step-motherly treatment of the Federation’.

“I want to ask a very simple question from federation. Who is the other player of my era, who had won PSA events and all the Asian titles including team championship gold medal for country?” he said in an interview with The Nation from New York on Thursday.

He challenged the federation to name a single player who always responded in positive whenever federation and country asked other than him.

“I had time and again requested with the federation to invest in genuine players, who could in return win titles for the country. But the federation invests heavily on certain players than the genuine contenders and result is that the game is declining even faster now.”

He said he was on the brink of breaking into PSA top 10 when the federation victimized him and a highly unjustified ban was imposed on him without any solid reason. “I could never regain same form, as I was mentally and physically exhausted. I also had suffered huge losses when I refused offers to settle abroad where I could have easily earned Rs 40 to 50 million. I just preferred Pakistan over my personal gains. But there is always a limit to endure continuous injustices and highly disrespectful treatment.” He said he deserved better treatment considering from the federation his achievements. Atlas said the negative attitude of the federation got him highly frustrated and he was left with no other option but to proceed to US, where squash was gaining popularity and the US was becoming a squash hub.

“A number of PSA high profile events are being organised on regular basis in the States. I have settled in in New York for training and also participating in all major PSA events. I am also taking part in the World Open next month in Seattle. I had requested Pakistan Squash Federation to provide me ticket for World Open. I am ready to represent Pakistan in World Team Championship in Kuwait from December 12 to 18 in Kuwait City.”

He said he was undergoing very competitive training in New York as there are a lot of good squash professional around. “I would have loved to stay in Pakistan instead of coming to US. I had talked to Pakistan Squash Federation President Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman and he promised me to address my genuine complaints. I hope federation would redress my grievances and sponsor me to participate in the PSA events as banning me and depriving me from participation in PSA was in fact country's loss. I had win lot of titles, which none of the current players could manage to do.”

He said he could still win titles for Pakistan if provided with facilities and ensuring his participation in the PSA events and could break into PSA top 20.

Atlas said it was quite hurting to see none of the Pakistani players making it to the finals of the recently concluded CAS International Squash Championship and it was for the very first time in a decade that no Pakistani player was in the final. “I had won number of CAS titles and was runners up last year despite only 20 percent fit. Farhan Mehboob and I could still form formidable partnership and could do wonders for the country in the World Team Squash Championship. I am ready to come back and sit with the federation but they must assure me no let ups this time around. There are still two months left before the mega international event. We could be in proper shape if provided with training under top coach.”

While sharing his views PSF Honorary secretary Group Captain Amir Nawaz said the federation was ready to address all core issues with Aamir and ready to provide him PSA events and fulfill all his genuine demands. “But he had to promise he would follow our training plan and respond in style. We have no issue with Aamir or any other player. Our main aim and goal is to take Pakistan squash back to same old glory days that is the reason we have taken on board all the past legends and we are working on long term plan, he added.