Recently Ahmed, a teenage boy from U.S, was arrested for making a metal digital clock. Usually teachers applaud their student for creating something new and innovative, in this case, the teenage boy received punishment of handcuffs for creating a clock.

In western territory it is normal for the Muslim’s to receive suspected looks and terrorist remarks, because of deteriorating past events such as 9/11. Due to those terrorist and extremist groups which called themselves Muslims that carry out brutal mass- killings in the name of Islam -the innocent humans and Muslim’s suffers. For decades the Muslim’s are living with the trademark of terrorist. However, the arrest of Ahmed stimulates a positive outcome in a form of sympathy or encouragement from the American citizens and especially from the American president symbolize that, American’s are not anti- Muslim; they are just anti- terrorist. As a Muslim, I hope that the incident of Ahmed; change the prejudice behavior of western citizen’s towards Muslims ,which regards us scared psychopath’s; who are less human and only born to kill them.


Islamabad, September 18.