Jodhpur: Minorities and low caste Hindus are under constant threat from Hindu extremists in a caste based society where they are being treated worst than animals.

After the lynching a Muslim, Akhlaq in Dadri village in UP, over alleged eating of beef, which later forensic laboratory confirmed as “Mutton”, Dalits are being treated as untouchables.

According to reports, one week after a 12-year-old Dalit student was severely beaten by a teacher for touching a plate “meant for non-Dalits” during the mid-day meal at his school, nothing has changed at Berdo Ka Bas panchayat in Jodhpur’s Osian block.

The teacher at the Rajkiya Ucch Madhyamik Vidyalaya here was arrested two days after the beating and is out on bail but now, Class 4 student Dinesh’s elder brother Narpat, 17, has allegedly received a death threat from local Jat youths.

“The Jats are unhappy with the action taken against the teacher, Hemaram Jat, and want his reinstatement. So their youths keep threatening us. They have threatened Narpat, saying they will keep me busy by killing him so I won’t be able to pursue the case against Hemaram,” said Dinesh’s father Malaram Meghwal, a farmer.

Berdo Ka Bas has around 500 Jat and 100 Dalit families. The village has five schools of which four take in students only up to Class 8, leaving Dinesh’s school as the only option for those wishing to study up to Class 12. And it’s in this high school, allege Dalit villagers, that the discrimination is rampant.