LAHORE – The domestic consumers in many areas of Lahore have started facing low pressure of gas.

The Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (the gas distribution company), meanwhile, has requested the Petroleum and Natural Resources ministry to allow it to curtail gas supply to all other sectors except the domestic and commercial to meet the rising demand of consumers.

The company claims the gas demand goes three-time higher in winter (after mid of November till mid of February).

“The demand of domestic and commercial consumers would be met in coming months if the supply to other sectors is curtailed. However, if there is additional supply of LNG we will be able to meet the demand easily. We won’t be able to supply gas to Punjab’s industries, CNG stations and power plants after mid of November,” sources said.

The SNGPL faces severe problems to meet the demand every winter owing to high rise in need of domestic and commercial sectors. The company has more than five million consumers in both the sectors.

The non-serious attitude of the present and past governments towards addition of gas in SNGPL’s network besides the company’s own failure to control the theft and distribution losses is the main reason behind the issue.

PML-N government has done nothing practical to add gas through LNG supply or Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline to meet the rising energy demand of the country.

“The SNGPL needs more than 2,000 million cubic feet per day (MMCFD) to meet the demand of all sectors but the company has only 1450MMCFD gas in its network. It has existing shortfall of around 600MMCFD,” sources said.

“Currently, the company provides gas to CNG, Industry and Power Sector on rotational basis. The demand of domestic sector rises from 500MMCFD to more than 1,200MMCFD in winter so it is not possible for the SNGPL to keep supplying gas to other sectors except the domestic and commercial in cold days.”

The areas where gas low pressure has started include Mughalpura, Garhi Shahu, Bibi Pak Daman, Railways colonies, Mozang, Walled City, Green Town, Model Town extension, Johar Town, Bahar Colony.

The SNGPL spokesperson agreed the low pressure might have started in the domestic limits of Lahore and other northern cities but he added that the problem could be resolved if supply to other sectors is suspended.