Yet another attack on a PAF installation, by terrorists dressed in FC uniform, who were able to reach periphery of airbase, which should have been inaccessible, surrounded by sterile zone, which unfortunately was not there. When Badhaber Air Base was constructed, there were no housing societies or commercial outlets that existed around its periphery. Those who have allowed them to emerge are responsible for loss of lives and criminal negligence. Recent modern history has proven that security is compromised, if those entrusted this vital duty are involved in corporate business profiteering.

A young brave son of this soil Capt Asfandyar leading his troops embraced Shahadat along with 29, including 16 innocent men offering Fajr prayers inside base. There have been too many repetitive breaches of security involving our key security installations by men guised in uniform, facilitating their access to key sensitive security bases. A system should have been installed utilizing latest technology to check movement of men and vehicles within sensitive zone, be they in uniform or civil dress. Why should marriage halls, private or welfare housing societies be allowing to exist near such installations?

As long as last terrorist is not eliminated and injustices eradicated from society, and those brainwashed by fundamentalists not rehabilitated through intensive joint efforts by civil and military establishment, Pakistan will continue to hemorrhage, its brave sons will embrace martyrdom, while national security will be compromised. The chickens have come back to roost, and it is time we reform our whole security apparatus, redefine foreign relations so that focus remains solely on our geographical integrity. To achieve these goals the nexus that exists between crime, terrorism, corruption and sources of funding must be eliminated with no exception. Terrorism cannot be rooted out unless its funding routes are not plugged, which unfortunately are same used by corrupt elite of this country involved in funneling black money to foreign safe havens and exploiting holes in remittance to whiten or evade taxes.


Lahore, September 18.