ISLAMABAD - The PML-N government yesterday cut to a significant level 'the prime minister's assistance package' for civil servants who died during service.

The measure, taken on excuse of financial constraints of the government, will add to the woes and worries of the families of the deceased government employees.

The decision was taken by an inter-ministerial committee headed by Finance Secretary Dr Waqar Masood which however kept the package unchanged in case of security related deaths.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in October last year had approved the assistance package under which, in case of in-service deaths, the amount for BS-1 to BS-16 had been increased to 2.5 million rupees, BS-17 to 4 million, BS-18 and 19 to 8 million and BS-20 and above to 9 million rupees.

In case of security related deaths, the amount for BS 1-16 had been increased to 3 million rupees, BS-17 to 5 million rupees, BS-18-19 to 9 million rupees and BS-20 and above to 10 million rupees.

However, the finance ministry had refused to bill the package, terming the cost too high. Later, the PM constituted a Secretaries Committee headed by Finance Secretary Dr Waqar Masood with secretaries of Cabinet and Establishment divisions as members.

This committee yesterday (Thursday) finalised the revised package and sent it to the Cabinet Division for issuing notification.

Without sharing details of the revised package, Dr Waqar told the media that it is not as high as announced by the prime minister last year; however, it is “three times higher than the package announced in 2006”.

He said that compensation for security related deaths would remain same, as announced by the PM in October 2014.

According to the unconfirmed data, in case of non-security related deaths, the families of the deceased employees would give Rs1.05 million for BS-1 to BS-16 under the revised package, 1.5 million rupees to BS-17, 2.4 million rupees to BS-18 and 19 and three million rupees to BS-20 and above.

Dr Waqar said the committee has kept inflation rate and increase in salary in mind for devising revised package for the families of government employees who died during service.