Social media brawls

S: Did you hear about the woman in India who got divorced over WhatsApp?

A: No! Over WhatsApp?? That’s preposterous.

S: Well that’s what happened. A woman in India got married to a man from Kerala, who moved to Dubai ten days after his marriage and a total of four weeks later, sent the triple ‘Talaq” on the messaging service, hereby dismissing their very short lived marriage.

A: Well in legality if you say talaq three times, the marriage is technically over. But I will go on to say that breaking a marriage over WhatsApp is just plain inhumane.

S: According to a survey 92.1% women in India wanted the triple talaq banned. Oral divorce delivered through Skype, text messages, email and WhatsApp have increased in incidence and become a cause of concern for Indian women. The funny thing is that scholars have not yet come to a consensus over whether this type of divorce is legitimate or not!

A: To be fair, if you say the word talaq three times with the intention of divorce it does annul the marriage.

S: I just feel that people should not be allowed to make a joke out of the institution of marriage. This woman had paid a million rupees and 80 sovereigns of gold in dowry. If men are allowed to break this relationship over a text then they should also be held accountable to pay this money back. Maybe more and more people should demand pre-nuptial agreements to root out gold diggers like this guy.