KAMALIA-The longstanding tradition of tolerance and intersect harmony seem to be reviving in Kamalia, assuring that the city would witness a peaceful Muharram this year as well, said Toba Tek Singh DCO Aamir Ijaz Akbar.

Talking to media after inspecting security arrangements made for Ashura processions, he stressed the need for unity among the followers of all schools of thought, terming it necessary to foil evil designs made by the enemies of Islam. The DCO said that the security plan for Ashura has been finalized and all the law-enforcement agencies have been put on high alert. “CCTV cameras have also been installed on the routes of mourning processions to monitor movement of suspects,” he added.

District Emergency Officer Faraz, Kamalia AC Muhammad Khalid, TMO Muhammad Nawaz Khan and DSP Mehr Muhammad Saeed were also present on this occasion.

POLITICIANS URGED TO SHOW SENSIBILITY: Politicians have discarded ethics and are calling each other bad names for their personal gain. A sensible politician never shows such immaturity no matter whether he wins or loses the election. Jutt Poultry Traders CEO Ch Tahir Jutt said while addressing a press conference here the other day. “At a time when Pakistan is surrounded by enemies, it is responsibility of every citizen to take part in maintaining peace across the country rather doing politics of conflict and violence,” he emphasised.

Defiant student ‘bashed’ by teacher : A teacher tortured his student for not taking forced tuition from the former at Zahid Colony here on Saturday.

Talking to the media at District Headquarters Hospital, Nasir, father of student Mughees, said that he was a student of class six in a private school of Zahid Colony while teacher Qari Amir was forcing his son to take tuition at his home. When he refused, the teacher tortured him brutally, Nasir alleged.