LAHORE (PR): Avanceon [PSX: AVN] has announced that ICAP, the Institute of Chartered Accountants Pakistan, has awarded the company for providing quality financial and accounting information based on the maturity of their reporting.

The honour confirms that Avanceon has demonstrated a leading approach to both accounting and informational design in its financial reporting.

The technology leader has also been shortlisted for the SAFA [South Asian Federation of Accountants] Award.

“For our team, it was a question of ensuring excellence in our communication with investors as we do when we service our client,” commented Bakhtiar H. Wain, CEO & Founder of Avanceon Ltd.

“Since our IPO in 2013, this is the first year that Avanceon has been selected for the BRSC Award. Getting there within three years is a big achievement for us,” he added.

The award ceremony, held in Karachi, was attended by all winners across the Best Corporate and Sustainability Reports 2015 Awards.

Launched in 2000 by a joint committee of ICAP and ICMAP in order to drive better quality and transparency by corporations throughout Pakistan, the awards have seen more and more businesses adopt international standards of financial reporting, enhancing their overall corporate governance. 

“The team at Avanceon is incredibly proud to have achieved this accolade and look forward to building on it in the coming years. Avanceon is increasingly gaining industry recognition beyond our core business achievements, and the credit goes to the great team we have. Progressing towards our business objectives at this pace would not be possible without the incredible group of people that we call Avanceon.,” added Wain.