Drug abuse is affecting society immensely. It influences our societies through overdoses, poor health, high risk of fatal disorder and premature deaths. It has been estimated that one in every 20 Pakistanis between the ages of 15 and 64 is dependent on drugs. Cannabis – the most abused substance being utilised. Moreover, Senate Standing Committee on interior and Narcotics Control was made aware that out of seven million people are dependent on drugs, as 3m utilised medicines without any prescriptions. And Benzodiazeine also refers to “sleeping tablets”. Staggering to say that even they are consulted by doctors as well. Drugs seems to be sold on a daily basis in streets and educational institutions. It is estimated that 700 people die everyday in Pakistan owing to drug-related complications. Drugs abuse is rapidly increasing and its influences are highly destructive. It effects the socio-economic and political process of our country, so effective ways and remedies are heatedly felt and observed. 


Turbat, September 20.