ISLAMABAD - MQM-Pakistan may soon formally ask the PML-N government to play its part for stopping victimisation of its party members, as otherwise they would tender resignations from the parliament.

“Victimisation of our party members is fast increasing, which needs to stop, as otherwise MQM is ready to resign from their seats,” said a senior MQM-Pakistan lawmakers told The Nation on condition of anonymity.

The party senior members will warn the government to come out clear with its policies about MQM-Pakistan.

“MQM-Pakistan will also make a request for a meeting with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on this matter,” he said. The recent arrest of Gulzar Khttak from the ATC and attempts to harass MQM workers are unacceptable, he added.

To a question about Altaf Hussian demand from lawmakers to tender resignations from their seats, he said MQM-Pakistan is facing much pressure from different quarters.

Altaf Hussain has recently, in a video message, asked party members to tender resignations. The recently passed parliamentary resolutions against Altaf Hussian were also not welcomed from the members of MQM- London.

Political pundits said the threat of MQM’s en-mass resignations will prove another bombshell for the beleaguered government which is already facing immense pressure from PTI’s anti-government campaign.

“It will not be easy for the government to face pressure for conducting by-elections in the country at this juncture,” they said.

The National Assembly has a total strength of 342 seats, which means that around seven per cent of the total NA seats might get affected by the MQM decision.

The Sindh Assembly has a total of 130 seats, which means 39 per cent of the total Sindh Assembly seats would fall vacant.

MQM legislators, around a year before, had submitted en-mass resignations from National Assembly, Senate and Sindh Assembly but the resignations were not accepted.