LAHORE - PTI will launch an international campaign to highlight Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir from this week to build pressure on New Delhi to stop the inhumane actions, Chaudhary Sarwar announced yesterday.

“I am leaving for United Kingdom today (Sunday) to launch an international campaign to highlight Indian atrocities in held Kashmir in a bid to stop them through European community pressure. I will launch the drive soon after landing Britain,” Sarwar said while addressing a press conference at Lahore Press Club.

Unveiling his plan further, the PTI leader said he would raise the issue with the MPs of United Kingdom and other European states to build pressure on India to stop the atrocities and give Kashmiris their right to self-determination. “The voices against oppression of India will rise from Europe and mount pressure on New Delhi,” he added.

“How Pakistan has a foreign policy when there is no foreign minister,” Sarwar said while responding to a question about foreign policy of the country.

He said India often blames Pakistan for cross border-terrorism while it has nothing to present as evidence of Pakistan’s intervention in Indian territory. He also termed Indian surgical strikes a blatant lie.

“I am in close contact with members of the European Union parliament including Sajjad Kareem, Afzal Khan, Khalid Mehmood and others over recent developments in Kashmir. Anas Sarwar also raised issue in Scotland parliament and also presented resolution condemning the Indian aggression in Kashmir,” said the PTI leader.