BAHAWALPUR-The Sadiq-Dost Movement (SDM) chairman has urged the government to accept their demands especially the restoration of Bahawalpur province so as to remove the backwardness of the region and improve the living standard of the people.
Talking to The Nation, Sadiq-Dost Movement Chairman Farrukh Rafi Abbasi said that people need industry not ministry. He said Bahawalpur province will be the sign of Pakistan's sovereignty. He also demanded the government make Bahawalpur part of the National Finance Commission (NFC) Award.
He urged the government to allot Cholistani lands to unemployed graduates; added topics relating to Nawabs of Bahawalpur especially Sir Sadiq Muhammad Khan V in the syllabus; announce holidays on birth and death anniversaries of Nawab Sir Sadiq; set up a Supreme Court bench in Bahawalpur; and award district status to all the tehsils of Bahawalpur .
He said that the Restoration of Bhawalpur Province Movement had been sold by imported politicians who became part of the movement and hurt it badly for their personal gains.
He further said that solution to all the problems of Bahawalpur was only the restoration of Bahawalpur province, Bahawalpur be awarded its share through the NFC Award, and Haj flights be started from Bahawalpur Airport. He said Cholistani lands should be allotted to unemployed graduates; these lands should be recovered from the usurpers mafia. He also demanded a latest cardio surgery centre in Bahawalpur .
He said that electricity produced by the Quaid i Azam Solar Park be provided for Bahawalpur and remaining electricity be included in the national grid.
He said those sold out the movement do not have any place in Bahawalpur; they go back to their areas. "We will struggle for Bahawalpur province and if we could not get justice, no one can stop us from going to international Court of Justice," he said. He added that Bahawalpur province would be a sign of Pakistan's sovereignty and demanded from Prime Minister Pakistan Shahid Khaqan Abbasi to fulfill the promise of PML-N of Bahawalpur 's restoration.