This letter is to bring to your knowledge that a majority of students are frustrated and not interested in going to school. After I observed the problem I concluded that they need something else to do than just sit in a class for hours and study. In Karachi there are so many schools, most of which do not have a play ground. There should be co-curricular activities in schools for instance football, basketball, drawing and theatre, etc., so that students take interest in coming to school and their rate of absence goes down.  

There are many advantages of co-curricular activities, for example, through this a teacher may understand and capture hidden talents of each student to know what they would like to do ahead or which field will be good for them. Co-curricular activities also help in holistic development of the personality. They increase IQ, help in development of a student and make them a smart worker rather than a hard worker. With such changes, students of today will get to be physically and psychologically fit. 


Karachi, September 29.