It seems Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government and the health department is yet to counter the menace of dengue. The death toll has reached to 48 as three more patients have breathed their last at Khyber Teaching Hospital (KTH), Peshawar.

However, praiseworthy is the response of the provincial health department. The department has devised a six-month plan to control the disease. It is also hoped that the plan will be decisive in ensuring that the dengue fever does not erupt next year. The focus of the department’s policy is to eliminate larvae from inside all the houses in the affected union councils of the provincial capital.

So far, out of 1610 patients, 336 tested positive in the province as the press release issued by the Dengue Response Unit (DRU) reveals.

One other strategy to eradicate the dengue fever is imparting awareness to the public about the causes of the disease. The said plan also includes this as part of the operation against the fever.

The strategy devised by the health department to eradicate the fever is a comprehensive one. All steps that are needed to defeat the dengue fever have found their place in the plan of the provincial health department. The provincial government and the relevant department’s steps in this regard indicate that the government of KP has realized the intensity of the crisis.

The response of the provincial government in the form of strategy and coordination and other units including technical assistance and advisory services was much needed. While the provincial government has devised a comprehensive plan to eradicate the larvae of dengue-carrying mosquitoes, the health department needs to know that it is not only Peshawar that is affected from dengue. Cases of dengue fever have been reported in other cities of the province as well.