HAFIZABAD-Speakers at a seminar highlighted the rights and problems of the senior citizens and the obligations of the youth at individual and collective level to ensure protection of their rights.

The seminar was held to observe International Day for Older Persons. The senior citizens are facing a lot of problems and they should be resolved promptly, they demanded.

"The senior citizens are still facing a lot of difficulties and inconvenience in the society. Their vulnerability becomes manifold in a disaster or eventuality and they are overlooked in a humanitarian and other social and development work," they said.

They added that they are being challenged by discrimination, health poverty and social issues. In the seminar organised by Youngmen Association, they said that senior citizens are great assets of the nation as they have great wisdom, experience and knowledge they have grasped throughout their long lives. They called upon the NGOs and social welfare department to create awareness among youth that senior citizens are great assets and they should be given respect they deserve.

On the other side, police claimed there has been marked decrease in the crime incidents in the district during September as compared to the figures of August last.

DPO Sardar Ghias Gul said addressing press conference that the police in the district have rounded up 54 dacoits, burglars cattle lifters and thieves and have seized stolen articles including cars, bikes and gold ornaments worth Rs88,96,000 from them.

The police also smashed four notorious inter-district gangs of dacoits and recovered stolen articles worth rupees 21.6 millions from them. In addition to this the police also rounded up 112 POs involved in murder, dacoity and robbery cases.

The police also launched crackdown on peddlers and recovered 13kg chars,9kg heroin,2kg opium, 289 litres of liquor and smashed 5 working stills and have arrested 67 paddlers.

The police also taken action under the NAP and have arrested 48 anti-social elements and recovered 3 Kalashnikovs, 9 shotgun , rifles, 28 pistols , 3 revolvers and 332 rounds ammunition from 48 criminals.