Nowadays humanity is on the low. By helping each other, we respect and worship Allah. No one can decide which religion is best but one thing is for certain, HUMANITY matters a lot. People forget themselves and fight for land, for authority and for little things that barely matter in life. We all pray to Him to give us all these possessions but eventually we forget the purpose of our life, for what we have been created. 

Right now we are fighting over ‘my religion is better than others’. However, we need to recognise that we must rise above the limitations of caste, colour, creed, nationality, the conventional religion. Though we are living in the 21st century with all technical innovations yet we are still fighting over religion and sect. Every human being must be treated with respect. 

People need to understand that when they will die, they will be reduced to nothing, they will decompose and be just bones. Neither their power nor their money will remain with them. 

So, our main purpose should be to care, respect and love each other. 


Lahore, October 1.