PM Imran Khan in his first address to nation on assumption of office of PM of Pakistan, promised to bring about Medina Welfare State Concept, where every citizen would be treated equally and their rights protected without any discrimination or favor. I would like to seek Hon’able PM’s intervention in gross miscarriage of justice by CDA towards beneficiaries of allotment of plots in E12/4 through computer balloting held in September 1989. 

On 14 October 1990 I was informed through letter CDA/EM/E-12/4(534)/89-896 that I have been allotted plot measuring 356 sqyds with details of payment of installments, which were paid as per demand. Over 28 years have elapsed and as yet I have not got possession of plot. In interim period thousands of schemes have been developed by CDA and beneficiaries given plots on which houses have been built. As a citizen of Pakistan my right to get plot allocated to me through computer balloting held for general public by CDA has yet to be realized. Can Hon’able PM of Pakistan intervene in this matter and ensure that ordinary citizens like myself get their due right. 


Lahore, September 26.