According to a report the first-ever scientific study ranked Pakistan on 164th in the world in terms of its investment in education and health care as measurement of its commitment to economic growth. Let me note down that the list of 195 countries places Pakistan behind Rwanda (ranked 163rd) and just ahead of Tanzania (ranked 165th), with United States standing at 27th place and India at 158th. It is saddening for us that our country could not perform well to improve its ranking just two places from 166 in 1990 to 164 in 2016.  

According to the survey, Pakistanis only have 5.7 years of expected human capital while Finland’s level of expected human capital in 2016 was 28 years. It reveals that people do not live as long in the workforce as most people in the world, taking into account number of years between ages of 20 and 65 – a time when people are the most active in the workforce. On average, Pakistanis lived 39 of those 45 years, putting Pakistan at number 140 of the 195 countries. It is time for the government and the public to put their combine efforts to improve the ranking and it is not possible until the positive efforts won’t be taken right now. 


Turbat, September 26.