KARACHI - Metropolitan Commissioner Dr Syed Saif-ur-Rehman directed the anti-encroachments department to remove all encroachments from important locations which have been established by different welfare organisations.

Addressing a meeting of the anti-encroachments officials of different areas of the city in his office on Monday, Dr Saif said that city should be made people-friendly and for it was essential to remove all encroachments from the city’s footpaths so this could be available for citizens.

“All welfare organisations should remove their belongings from footpaths or legal action will be taken against them and their belongings would be seized. Footpaths are for citizens and no one would be allowed to put huge cages, tables and animals which create problems for others,” he added.

The commissioner said that all over the world it is not allowed to use the pavements for commercial or welfare purpose and these organisations should use their own places for these works instead of grabbing land on footpaths.

He said that various stalls, sugar cane juice machines, animal cages and other such things were kept on footpaths and roads which create trouble for traffic and in the movement of people.

Dr Saif directed the anti-encroachment officials to perform their duty without taking any pressure and focus on such places from where once encroachments removed. He urged every department to fulfill its responsibilities to make our city better.