Since communication and social media is flourished, it has not only given path to socio-economic progress but also initiated a hybrid warfare— which is destructive, indeed. However, hybrid warfare is an act of non-linear conflict. 

It has surprisingly provided fatal consequences in historical background of world affairs. The great examples of venomous of hybrid warfare can be measured by Vietnam war and American war of Independence. 

Considering the wave of hybrid war, Pakistan has also been trapped under this lethal chain. India has long been trying Pakistan to isolate on international front through hybrid war. It has also blamed Pakistan of sponsoring terrorism and financing them. RAW’s hybrid war, posed by Kulbahan Jhadav in carrying terrorist activities in Pakistan, is the most appalling case. Not only this, but India even accused Pakistan of Uri attack. It seems a strong hybrid war. 

Most recently, Imran-led new government has taken a proactive step towards a peaceful settlement with India—-a rival state since birth. But Modi-led regime is unwilling to cooperate with Islamabad at any cost. Even, they have again initiated hybrid war by threatening Pakistan of surgical strikes. 

Modi must understand that the hybrid war will only result in disastrous conclusion. It is better to follow the Khan’s point: take one step and get two in return. 


Shikarpur, September 27.