LAHORE  -  The PML-N has decided to hold their own sessions outside the national and Punjab assemblies from tomorrow if the speakers concerned did not hold house sessions.

The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz however decided against taking the matter of the arrest of party president Shehbaz Sharif to streets due to the difficult economic situation of the country.

The decision was taken during party’s Central Executive Committee (CEC) meeting, chaired by former premier Nawaz Sharif here in the Model Town on Monday.

Shehbaz, who is the Leader of the Opposition in National Assembly and a former Punjab chief minister, was arrested by the National Accountability Bureau on Friday.

The next day an accountability court granted NAB a 10-day physical remand of the former Punjab chief minister in the Ashiana Iqbal Housing Scheme case.

The same day (Saturday), the PML-N submitted requisitions with the speakers of the National Assembly and Punjab Assembly for immediate calling of the session, so the party could raise the arrest issue there.

In Monday’s meeting the PML-N CEC members decided to protest against Shehbaz’s arrest and Sunday’s press conference by Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Some participants also suggested street protests whereas some others deemed it unfit in view of the country’s economic troubles.

The meeting also adopted a resolution calling upon the respective speakers of NA and PA to call the sessions on Tuesday (today) and warned that otherwise the party MPs would hold open sessions outside the two assemblies on Wednesday (tomorrow).

It was also decided by the CEC that all other opposition parties will be reached out and taken on board to work out a joint future line of action on the arrest of Shehbaz Sharif, government dithering on CPEC, price hike and other such issues which it believes have jeopardised security of the country.

By presiding this meeting, PML-N Qauid Nawaz Sharif broke the political hibernation assumed since July 13 when he was taken into custody along with his daughter Maryam Nawaz on return from London.

The party sources say the meeting also discussed the public appearance of Nawaz through rallies but decided that he would only chair indoor meetings and avoid public gatherings for different reasons including the Chehlum of his spouse Begum Kulsoom Nawaz.

The meeting also formed committees they were assigned assorted tasks from party organisational matters to contacting the opposition parties and calculating the damage the PTI government may cause to the multibillion projects CPEC as well as to the country through its policies.

At the conclusion of the meeting, former Law Minister Punjab, Rana Sanaullah Khan, said that NAB is acting in league with the PTI government to victimize the political opponents which had been its hallmark of this institution since its creation during Musharraf era.

Rana Sanaullah, along with Senator Mushahiddullah Khan, Mushahid Hussain Syed, Prime Minister AJK and others leaders of the Party, told media outside Model Town Secretariat that the arrest of Shehhaz Sharif was a height of disgrace of the assembly and tantamount to attacking democracy.

It is condemnable. He said there was no charge of miscues of money or corruption on Shehbaz Sharif but only that he cancelled Ashiana housing project contract.

Rana Sanaullah said the arrest of former Chief Minister Punjab has set such example that in future of no contractor and the public authority will escape legal consequences for entering agreements on construction.

He also sent a warning to persons inking the agreement for building five million houses by that means. He said after arrest of Shehbaz Sharif no contract for construction of house could be struck.

The arrest of Shehbaz Sharif is nothing but victimisation. He warned the PTI government that their protest will not remain confined to the parliament but move outside in the public as well if demand for production of Shehbaz and hearing his point of view in the House was not allowed.

Rana Sanaullah using the same old tirade against Imran Khan and naming him ‘Ilzam Khan’ accused him of creating ambiguity in CPEC project and making ties with the friendly countries sore. He said the PML-N will frame a joint strategy after consultation with other Opposition parties on all these issues.

To a question on the politics of Nawaz Sharif, former law minister said Nawaz was the Party Quaid and the party workers and the leaders act under his command. No law debarred him from performing the political role and lead the party, he claimed.

He said Imran Khan himself was beset by thieves and ‘qabza mafia’ therefore first of all he should lay hand on them. He termed Imran Khan ‘muft-bar’ by birth and said, he did not have any business but know only to enjoy luxuries on the expenses of others and today they are people of qabza mafia. “Imran Khan is himself corrupt and surrounded by the people of same character,” he added.

He also called the NAB for arresting Imran Khan and former CM KPK Pervez Khattak in Peshawar Metro case. To a question he said, the PML-N was in touch with PPP, JUI-F and other parties in the Opposition and they will meet soon to hammer out a joint strategy.

Rana Sana said to query that the alien held mandate in the NA. He said the PTI government is ahead of only four seats in the House.

Mushahiddullah Khan turned down the reports of any NRO by the PML-N and said, had there been an NRO Nawaz Sharif would not been thrown down a prime minister. He said they cannot be intimidated as they have faced every situation. Imran Khan will have to answer all queries they raise, he added.


CEC resolution

The PML-N Central Executive Committee meeting carried resolution to demand immediate release of Leader of the Opposition Shehbaz Sharif while terming his arrest based on ill-will, and vindictiveness of the government.

It said the arrest of Shehbaz Sharif before the by-election is a part of a well meditated plan to use the NAB for the sake of bolstering the position of the PTI government and in the election.

It is a based malafide intention of the government that Shehbaz Sharif was summoned by the NAB in Saaf Pani but arrested in Ashiyana Housing project wherein corruption of even a single penny was not committed.

The government bias and grudge against its political rivals is evident from the fact that Shehbaz Sharif was brought to the Court in an armoured vehicle to subject him to disgrace.

The government did not care even the fact that Shehhaz Sharif has suffered from a fatal disease. it said Shehbaz Sharif through untiring efforts completed a number of development projects whereof the country not only got rid of darkness but also brought huge investment to the country.

Subjecting such a person, who earned worldwide acclaim through his services to the country, to humiliation does not go to the interest of the country and its reputation.

The resolution said the PML-N is the largest party of the country and such like tactics cannot check its way forward nor can work to keep its leaders Nawaz Sharif and Shehbaz Sharif aloof from the public.

The resolution also condemned the ‘threats’ passed by Prime Minister Imran Khan and his ministers about arrest of their political rivals while terming them self style spokesmen of the NAB. It raised the question as to who was providing NAB information and detail about the expected arrests to the ministers.

The other resolution expressed serious concerns over the exorbitant hike in the prices of the items of daily use of the masses, gas and the utility services and demanded immediate withdrawal of the same.

The third one expressed concern over the statement made by the ministers and the advisers of the government on CPEC which, it added, has created a negative impact.

It demanded the government to take the Chinese government into confidence on the project and ensure its continuation and completion and removes all doubts with China on this project. Yet another resolution flayed the tone and tenor adopted by Prime Minister Imran Khan against politicians, businessmen, politicians and the mediamen while addressing a conference on Sunday and wanted the Prime Minister to mend his behavior and conduct himself like prime minister and not like an opposition leader.

It wanted the PM to attend to the fulfillment of the promises he made to the people of Pakistan as first and foremost duty.

A resolution was also carried to pay tribute to former First Lady Begum Kulsoom Nawaz. The CEC member offered fateha for the soul of begum Kulsoom Nawaz and also those who lost their lives in October 8, 2005 earth quake in the country and AJK.




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