The new government is planning a massive reshuffle in the bureaucracy and while that is a move expected of every new government, this particular move stands out because this is reshuffling on a massive scale. The government not only plans to move political appointees in the government but also all the government related organisations and institutions. Many have already been contacted and asked to resign, while, others have been replaced or are waiting for a replacement. Such massive reshuffling requires insight into the working of these individuals because many, even though politically appointed, must be capable individuals. The criteria right now should be performance rather than appointment. Pakistani institutions are known for their traditional set up and it is very important that those in charge are also on board with the ideas.

Caution is what the government needs to practice. There is no denying that a system of meritocracy must be established in the institutions, however, the subjectivity of this merit is what successive governments have failed to outline. The need is to get the current set up on board with these plans, despite their affiliation to their respective parties, and collectively push for change. If the rest of the mainstream parties are left out of this political upheaval, they are bound to retaliate and cooperate less in matters where the government would need support. There is also a chance that many would view this as political victimisation but the major concern lies in the fact that the government will only have similar voices in the system. The balance between parties often allows space for constructive criticism and that lays the foundation of a healthy completion in the political system.

This is a crucial time for the new government and especially for the country as it faces some of the most difficult challenges in history. It is important that new individuals know the workings of the system and settle in to perform their roles as soon as possible. An across the board reshuffling also means new faces and more time required for them to understand the system and ways to deliver. Stability is what is required in the system and the entire purpose of this activity is to depoliticise the institutions of the country but these actions are not performed in isolation. A revamp of the system means pushing all parties along and providing them a platform for interest articulation.