Islamabad - Institute of Space Technology (IST) will arrange a prize distribution ceremony for the students who performed outstandingly in different space related competitions and activities on October 10, culminating its celebrations to commemorate World Space Week (WSW). An official of IST informed APP that students from different educational institutions of Rawalpindi and Islamabad enthusiastically participated in the WSW celebrations at the institute started from October 4. The mega space event was arranged in collaboration with the National Space Agency of Pakistan (SUPARCO) and featured a variety of space related informative activities to sensitize the students and general public about the benefits of space technology.

WSW is aimed at promoting space awareness amongst the students from a large number of schools and colleges of the twin cities and surrounding areas besides general public, the official said.  WSW is celebrated in accordance with the United Nation’s General Assembly’s declaration of 1999. The Third United Nations Conference on the Exploration and Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (UNISPACE III) suggested the celebration of the World Space Week.  Following the legacy of past 13 years and following the theme of Space Technology Education and Popularization, 110 different schools and colleges from the vicinity of Islamabad and Rawalpindi are participating in over 200 different space themed events and activities of WSW at IST.  There are over 5000 registered participants of WSW 2018 and about 3000 visitors are expected to witness this week long activity. This mega event included number of competitions, workshops and activities for students of schools/colleges in the major areas of Space Knowledge, Space Innovation, Space Creative Writing, Space Technology Demonstration, Space Mathematics, Space Fine Arts, Space Visual Arts, Space Graphics, Space Business, Space Workshops, Space Labs Visit, Space Awareness Activities, and Space Entertainment.  The events and activities of WSW 2018 also included, Space Parade, Space in Quran, Spinning Top Workshop, Space Life Workshop, Sports in Space Workshop, Image Interpretation workshop, Remote Sensing Applications, Shooting the Night Sky, Pin Wheel, Sally Earth Kam, Experiencing Space Station, Google Earth Workshop, Navigating Google Earth, Space Siblings and Story Writing.