It is the power of money and funding of political parties by billionaires involved in black economy and vested interests of powerful individual belonging to state institutions, which has been the cause for protecting non-filers who are beneficiary of businesses that contribute minimum to state taxes but derive maximum benefits. Thousands of acres of state land and forests and green agriculture belts are vanishing to feed greed of few involved in almost tax free real estate ventures. 

There is no other explanation for lifting of restrictions imposed on non-filers to buy real estate and expensive vehicles. To offset this deficit, indirect taxes are being levied to subsidize loss in tax collection by powerful beneficiaries of black economy, our debt is rising and country’s security and strategic assets likely to be compromised, but criminals involved in black are being protected on flimsy arguments. PTI should beware of the fate of other political parties who were rejected in recent polls for continuing to harbor and patronise black economy. 


Sukkur, September 25.