The demand of the Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) from the government of Azad Jammu Kashmir (AJK) to remove all hurdles so that the marchers can cross the Line of Control (LoC) reflects the peoples’ emotions. But falling for feelings works neither for an individual nor for any political movement in pursuance of their goals. What India is doing in the occupied territory of Kashmir is indeed a gross violation of international law. It is also true that Indian actions in India Occupied Kashmir (IOK) violate international human rights regime. It is also true that the Indian occupation of Kashmir has made life miserable for the people living there. Will the march prove instrumental in forcing the Indian government to reverse the changes to its constitution?

This editorial is not suggesting that the pain of the Kashmiris for their brethren across the LoC is not real. Neither it attempts to discredit the display of solidarity with the Kashmiri people. However, to achieve success in breaking it, the Kashmiris need to engage in clever politics. Those who want to force India to quit Kashmir need to rely on their rational faculties. Emotional actions such as the one JKLF is counting on will only complicate the already complicated situation in the valley. A shrewd political strategy needs to be thought of to overthrow the shackles of the brutal Indian occupation of Kashmir.

And before engaging in any political agitation, the most crucial thing that Kashmiri leaderships of different political organisations need to achieve is unity. A united front that represents every faction of the Kashmiri society is the first and foremost requirement to achieve success. Once that is done, the united front can campaign for the deployment of the United Nations’ (UN) observers. Only a systematic and coordinated campaign highlighting unjust Indian rule can somehow convince the world to start seeing India as the coloniser.

The fact that the JKLF has a charter of demand shows that the movement is just satisfying people’s emotional impulses. However, any wrong political move by the JKFL can further harm the cause of Kashmir liberation. The freedom struggle of Kashmir has already received many blows, thanks to Indian wickedness and global powers’ greed that see India as a great market for their products. Any attempt of JKLF to cross LoC may cause a conflict between the two sides. JKLF leaders need to understand that Pakistan can’t lose the moral high ground at the moment, nor can it risk the Pakistani lives.