No one can deny the fact that Afghanistan is struggling since 2001, when the war got started between United State and Taliban. During the conflict several casualties have been done and being. Thousands of people’s lost their life including children, troops, and police. According to the report, over the past five years more than 45,000 Afghan troops and police officers killed as well as more than 24,000 Americans have been killed and some about 20,000 injured.

But this year seem the most intensive diplomacy yet between United State and Taliban to end the nearly eighteen-year war in Afghanistan. Recently, the United State is going to pullout the military troops from Afghanistan for the first time within 20 weeks as part of a deal “in principle” with Taliban militants. It is prior step from US that the war must get ended because, the war exacerbate the condition of Afghanistan worse than western, also the Taliban and US lost lots of life and spend uncountable money for the nearly eight-year war. So, it is almost time to bring peace in the region.