The AJK President Sardar Masood Khan has said that the whole Pakistani nation right from Karachi up to Khyber and from Gwadar to Khunjerab stands like a rock wall at the back of Kashmiri people, and the state of Pakistan with full force and strength is highlighting the

voice of Kashmiri people on every forum across the globe.

He said this while addressing a roundtable conference held here on Wednesday under the aegis of Institute of Strategic Studies. The conference was also addressed by Lt. Gen. (retd) Agha Omar Farooq, former Defense Minister Lt. Gen. (retd) Kalid Naeem Lodhi and other speakers.

The AJK president said that to lead the liberation movement to success, it is imperative for the nation to maintain unity and cohesion in its rank and file, and thwart every conspiracy hatched by India to create gulf between Pakistan and the Kashmiri people. "We will have to set aside all

differences, and foil this heinous Indian plot," he added.

He maintained that immediately after its inception, Pakistan had won two wars against India in 1947-48, and had liberated 84,000 square miles area of Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan and made several achievements on the diplomatic front. Pakistan had also got approved nearly one dozen resolutions on Kashmir from the UN Security Council.

The AJK president said that today, Pakistan was a nuclear power and an important country of the region. "Side by side with seeking support from the international community, we will also have to reach the Indian civil society to compel it to speak against anti-peace polices of Narendra Modi,"

he added.

Sardar Masood Khan dismissed the Indian propaganda that Simla Accord is a hurdle in the implementation of UN resolutions or any international mediation to resolve the Kashmir conflict. "Simla Accord is neither a hurdle in the way of mediation nor does it supersede the UN resolutions,"

he said.

He said that the people occupied Kashmir have been sacrificing their lives in the name of Pakistan because they very well know that Pakistan had not only fought six wars for the freedom of Kashmiri people but had refused to give up its principled stand on Kashmir during the last seven decades at the risk of its own security.

AJK president said that attack by India on Pakistan and Azad Kashmir cannot be ruled out, but India and the international community must keep in mind that even a limited war between the two countries can turn into a nuclear clash, which will ultimately affect not only billions of human beings and animals but it will also have adverse effects on the global environment. Therefore, he maintained, it is the responsibility of the international community to help Pakistan and the Kashmiri people in finding

a peaceful political and diplomatic solution to Kashmir issue.

Lashing out at the fanaticism of Indian rulers, the AJK president said that Modi and his allies were following the so-called Hindutva philosophy which declares creation of Pakistan a sin, and now they are poised to eliminate Pakistan. "To punish Pakistan for supporting Kashmiri people, India may intensify proxy war, and can start construction of Ram temple to bring the Indian Muslims under psychological pressure," he said and urged the UN Security Council to take steps under chapter VI of the UN charger and find a peaceful political solution to the Kashmir conflict, and in case of any difficulty, they should take additional actions under the UN Charter.