LAHORE-Following the incredible success of ‘No Time to Sleep’, a ground-breaking 24-hour livestream charting the last 24 hours of a death row prisoner to commemorate World Day Against Death Penalty last year, Justice Project Pakistan (JPP) is all set to take it one notch further.

JPP will host an immersive evening of live art at Bari Studios this October, featuring around 11 artists who will display their live art performances centered around the theme of death penalty and confinement and isolation in detention. The curated show ‘‘We’ve been waiting for you’’ will kick off at Bari Studio in Lahore on the evening of 10th October 2019. The one-day event has already generated a lot of buzz amongst the arts and theatre enthusiasts and is being touted as the single largest platform in Pakistan to bring together art and law to highlight the flaws in the criminal justice system and the gross human rights violations that occur in the case of wrongful executions.

This year’s event is promising a jam-packed agenda, comprising of multiple performances happening side by side in different rooms of Bari Studio each highlighting a different theme from the broader umbrella of detention and capital punishment. The performances will explore the ideas of freedom and the lack of it in our society and how fate can be highly unpredictable for those in custody. The artists will explore how prisoners see themselves and how the outside world sees them.

The Justice Project Pakistan is a non-profit organization based in Lahore that represents the most vulnerable Pakistani prisoners facing the harshest punishments, at home and abroad.