The recent mysterious death of mentally-challenged person- Salahuddain in police custody and allegedly misbehaving ASI Police officer video with old woman has again dragged the Punjab Police in the spotlight with severe criticism from the all quarters of life at all the forums of media- the criticism that seems justified.

The history of the Punjab Police is full of such dark events, be it Model Town or Sahiwal tragedy. The incidents like these sincerely question the traits of the professionalism in the Punjab Police Force that aims to serve the citizens rather to harm them.

When PM Imran Khan was in the Opposition, he left no opportunity to brag and boast of the KPK Police reforms and promised to introduce the same, if came in power. By his fortunate, he has become PM but yet to deliver and introduce the most required Police reforms in Punjab.

To cap this up, regular training and workshops must be organized as to enhance the professional skills of the Police Force, with policy of the reward and punishment and the last, but definitely not the least, the all upcoming recruitments be made on merit. BY now, it required measures are not taken then the cycle will repeat itself.