Cancer has overtaken heart disease as the leading cause of death in wealthy countries could become the world’s biggest killer within just a few years. While cardiovascular disease remains, for now the leading cause of mortality worldwide among middle aged adults, accounting for 40 percent of all death that is no longer the case in high-income countries where Cancer now kill twice as many people as heart disease. And it is reported that “Cancer to be second most common cause of death globally in 2017,accounting for 26 per cent of all deaths.

Furthermore, also researchers said 55 millions deaths in the world in 2017 around 177 millions were due to cardiovascular disease. Around 70 percent of all cardiovascular cause and deaths are due modifiable risk as high blood pressure, high cholesterol diet, smoking and other lifestyle factors. The researchers found first hospitalisation rates and heart disease medication use were both lower in poorer and middle-income countries than wealthy ones.

The included countries suffering for such as , Bangladesh, Brazil, Malaysia, Canada, Pakistan, South Africa, Iran Saudi Arabia, Argentina and many more. As a result, social media as well as UN can play well for preventing such risk killer, and the majority of world has been effected by these. And there must be a serious action on this .