THAILAND - Alien tourism appears to be gaining popularity around the world, and some offbeat travelers believe that a remote hilltop in Thailand holds the key to connecting with the extraterrestrial world. Khao Kala in Nakhon Sawan - which translates to “City of Heaven” - is located just three hours north of the Thai capital Bangkok, and has become a hotspot for tourists looking to experience the supernatural.

Several news outlets, including CNN and Vice, have recently traveled to the area, where some people believe humans can telepathically communicate with aliens.

The hill is located amongst a sugar cane plantation, and, according to the Bangkok Post, believers in the supernatural site say it hides a secret wormhole that allows aliens to travel between different dimensions.

Believers practice meditation at Hill 145, where a giant Buddha statue sits below a statue of a seven-headed snake. Several other Buddhist statues, including one called “Buddha’s Footprint” stand nearby.

Somjit Raepeth, a member of Khao Kala group or UFO Khao Kala, a group that believes that the area possesses supernatural qualities, told the Post in 2015 that members practice strict Buddhist principles and were able to contact aliens from Pluto and another planet called Logu Kata Paka Tigong, located somewhere in the Milky Way.

“They have high virtues and morals,” she told the Post. “The only way to make contact with them is to practice dhamma (Buddhist teachings) to the highest levels.”

According to CNN, followers of the ideology believe that people can hear the aliens through meditation, and have described the aliens as “slender, little, silvery humanoids.”

Some followers have reported seeing UFOs and silhouettes of figures on the hilltop, while others say they were actually spun around by alien powers.

There is no substantive evidence that the site has supernatural or alien qualities, or, of course, that aliens exist.

Wassana Chuensamnaun, a lead campaigner for the extraterrestrials, told CNN that aliens from Pluto “are made of energy” and have expressed concern about devastation on Earth.

Loku aliens, he says, have “knowledge of high technology” and present in physical form. He says Pluto’s alien leader claimed Buddha was the “greatest human mind.”

According to local daily Khao Sod, a member of UFO Khao Kala predicted that World War III would break out by 2022. Wassana told CNN that aliens have promised to take care of a select few “survivors” in the event of such fallout.

Authorities have not taken kindly to the overcrowding of tourists on the hilltop, which houses several Buddhist holy sites.

In August, they raided the UFO sighting spot out of concern that travelers were jeopardizing the protected forests in the area by camping out and holding activities. In September, authorities and forestry officials returned again and confronted Wassana, along with others at the site, according to CNN.