ISLAMABAD        -     The Foreign Affairs Committee of United States House of Representatives has asked India to lift the communication blackout in the Indian Held Kashmir.

In a statement issued from its Twitter handle, the committee said, “India’s communication blackout in Kashmir is having a devastating impact on the lives and welfare of Kashmiris.”

“It’s time for India to lift these restrictions and afford Kashmiris the same rights and privileges as any other Indian citizen,” it added.

Meanwhile, in Indian occupied Kashmir, life remains badly hit in the valley and Muslim majority areas of Jammu region, as military clampdown coupled with communications blackout entered 65th running day on Tuesday.

According to Kashmir Media Service, with main markets shut and public transport off the roads since August 5, the people in the territory are facing shortages of essential items including food and medicines.

Educational institutions and offices though open yet barring few officials nobody is showing up there. The authorities have been claiming that the offices are running and attendance of students is slowly picking up, but these claims don’t hold merit in the face of facts which are quite the opposite.

National Conference President Farooq Abdullah has demanded unconditional release of all those detained or arrested since August 5. As per a party spokesman, this was told by the NC president to a 15-member delegation who met him on Sunday in Srinagar first time since his detention.

Faizan Mustafa, the VC of NALSAR University of Law in Hyderabad, has argued during a lecture in Madras that the BJP government had done a mistake by abrogating Art 370 in Kashmir. Pointing out many legal implications of the issue, he opined that it is not a matter of integration, adding the problems of the territory can’t be resolved by imposing the rule and restrictions like this.