Amid the reboot, with cinema halls finally open, restaurants allowing customers to dine in and a fashion show taking place in December, it almost feels like the pandemic was just a long-summer nightmare.

But model-turned-actor Alyzeh Gabol has tested positive for Covid-19 and it seems the pandemic is about to give us a wake-up call from the dream we are living in right now, as opposed to earlier.

Taking to Twitter, Gabol announced the unfortunate news with her friends and followers. "Tested positive for Covid-19 earlier today. Started with high temperature but having mild symptoms now, Alhamdullilah I’m fine and stable. I’ve isolated myself at home, hoping for a speedy recovery InshAllah," she wrote.

Many from the entertainment fraternity had contracted the virus earlier, including singers like Abrarul Haq and Shehzad Roy, and actors like Rubina Ashraf, Sakina Samo, Nida Yasir and Alizeh Shah among others. Even seasoned designer Maheen Khan had caught and thankfully recovered from the virus.

But this time, with the fearlessness surrounding us, we hope Gabol recovers soon!