ISLAMABAD - Governor Sindh Imran Ismael said that Bundal Island will remain part of Sindh as federal government cannot take it to Islamabad.

Addressing a Press conference here on Thursday along with Federal Minister Ali Zaidi, he said that Bundal Island and Ravi City are two mega projects and Prime Minister Imran Khan wants to build Bundal Island more developed and progressive comparitively to Raavi City. He said that Bundal Island project in its development and vision will keep behind Ravi City Project.

Governor Sindh said four to five million tourists will visit Karachi following the completion of this project and all this revenue will be given to Sindh Government.

He also added that Bundal Island project will attract 50 billion dollars investment and create more than 1.5 lakh jobs.

Governor Sindh also revealed that meting with Prime Minister Imran khan was held regarding Bundal Island and Ravi City Project. Citing example of Dubai, Governor Sindh Imran Ismael said that economy of Dubai boosted because of Island's development. He said that we would address reservations of all the state institutions and Bundal Island will be taken ahead of Dubai

He also pointed out that Bundal Island should not be associate with Karachi package, which is altogether different from Bundal Island project. Imran Ismail also underlined, 'We wish Sindh Government and Fisheries support Federation on this project as these projects have been initiated to boost the national economy. He said that no one should have reservations on these projects, which are being devised to boost the national economy.

Governor Sindh categorically stated that federal government without support of Sindh Provincial Governmentd can't fulfil this project. He also stated that Ordinance has been taken as there was no assembly session and after assembly session, it will be approved from there.  He said that his doors are open for all the political parties.

He said Bundal Island will prove a milestone to boost Pakistan's economy as international investors re taking keen interest in this project.

Federal Minister Ali Zaidi stated that Bundal Island falls in the jurisdiction of Port Qasim Authority, which is under Federal Government. If all the elements get unite against us to stage protest, it is their democratic right, said Ali Zaidi.

He also stated that it is very wrong impression that anyone bus going to occupy Sindh. He said people of Sindh will get jobs in these projects. He said that a large quantity of solid waste and polluted water is being thrown in sea on daily basis.

He said that keeping aside political differences, we are ready to sit with Sindh Government for Pakistan's development and progress.