Chairman National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) Lt. Gen Muhammad Afzal on Friday said that Pakistan has developed the capacity and capability to more effectively cope with the locust attacks in future.

Addressing a ceremony at the National Locust Control Center in Islamabad, the chairman said that fears regarding spread of coronavirus are still there however, the authority has not only played important role in curbing this deadly disease but also helped in dealing with locust attacks.

The weather conditions in Pakistan are getting worst, he told.

Meanwhile, Minister for National Food Security Syed Fakhar Imam said the provincial governments and the institutions stood up to the locust challenge. Their coordinated efforts as well as the help of villagers helped confront the crop munching pests, he added.

Fakhar Imam further stated Pakistani nation has the capability to meet any formidable challenge.

On the occasion, Chief Coordinator of National Locust Control Center (NLCC) Lieutenant General Moazzam Ejaz expressed satisfaction that the challenge of Locusts has successfully been overcome.

He said all the institutions including the provincial governments and National Disaster Management Authority worked in close coordination to eradicate the crop munching pests.

NLCC chief said Army Aviation worked day and night in the fight against the locusts.