ISLAMABAD   -   It’s encouraging to see that a prominent brand that was selling the term ‘fair’ for years, has opted to drop the word that connotes many things that are unfair,” says Pakistani Film maker Sarmad Khoosat. After centuries of adapting to colonial beauty standards, we can finally see a change on the horizon. Renowned brand, ‘Fair & Lovely’ recently switched its title to ‘Glow & Lovely’. The rebranding has beckoned the attention of many, including celebrities. One of the stars who commented on the brand’s initiative was Pakistani actor, director, producer, and screenwriter Sarmad Khoosat. Khoosat has been a prominent member of the Pakistani media industry. Known to break stereotypes that reside within our society, Khoosat uses his work as an eye opener for the audience. Amidst the debate around Fair & Lovely’s name changeto Glow & Lovely, sources say Khoosat released a statement in regard to the rebranding of. He spoke of breaking away from ideals which are imposed by society and acknowledge the skin care brand for taking the right step: 

“I’ve always felt strongly about telling stories of real people and real issues and there is no denying that there is much resistance for the truth. Breaking away from redundant ideals, notions, terms and even words that the society puts forth is not easy.