LAHORE - Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Thursday said that the PML-N workers would not sit idle until making ‘selectors of Imran Khan’ accountable for the prevailing economic mess.

“People are crying due to inflation and high electricity and gas tariff. Have you thought about how people are living? Was this the situation two years ago? Imran Khan’s selectors will have to answer for the prevailing crises. Party workers will not sit back until they get the answer”, he said while addressing PML-N’s parliamentarians and ticketholders through video link from London. PML-N leaders gathered at party secretariat in Model Town to listen address of the ex PM virtually. The PML-N supremo vowed to continue struggle for the supremacy of the parliament and rule of law.

“Without parliament, no institution can work. Even judiciary cannot work”, he said, adding, no one has tried to diagnose the root cause of problems.

“I have pinpointed the root cause in my address to opposition’s All Parties Conference. Now there is no ambiguity”, he said, adding, “Our struggle is against selectors and not PM Imran Khan.”

Nawaz Sharif said that handful of army men were disgracing the entire Armed Forces which was not acceptable for the nation.

“Majority in the army wanted to abide by the constitution. There are few who have crossed constitutional limits. These army men could be counted on fingers but they have given a bad name to the entire institution. I respect my soldiers and generals. But I cannot respect those who do not respect the constitution and rig elections.” he said, adding, the army could only become the world’s best if it sticks to its constitutional role.

He reiterated the allegations of changing election results after RTS slow down. “You (PML-N ticketholders losing 2018 polls) had won the election. Party of change was handed victory. Those who rigged elections had violated the constitution and committed a crime”, he said, adding, he would continue struggle to bring the house in order.

“We are not goats or sheep that can be herded. It has been happening in the past. But it will not happen anymore”, he remarked. He suggested party men to remain strong in the struggle for making Pakistan a respectable country.

“If someone is scared, he should sit at home. We don’t need cowards. You don’t deserve to be in the assemblies if you are scared,” he said. Referring to the Apex Court’s verdict in Panama Papers case, he lamented that a sitting PM was disqualified for not receiving salary from his son.

“Had there been a valid reason for my removal, I would have understood that I have been punished for a crime that I committed. But I was disqualified for not taking a salary from my son”, he said, adding, he had no option but to take long term visa after forced exile from Pakistan.

“Why would I need an Iqama? If Musharraf had not imposed martial law, I would not have had to leave with my family. To live in the UAE for years, I needed an Iqama”, he said.

The PML-N Chief said that life of common man had become miserable due to bad governance and wrong economic policies of the present regime. He said that it was a sin to sit idle when people were forced to take roti with water. “If we don’t speak, we will also be guilty,” he said.