Police forces, in collaboration with the Child Protection Welfare Bureau (CPWB), have taken the initiative to uproot child beggars from the streets and take them into protective custody. Throughout the years, the average number of children begging in the streets to fulfil basic needs have increased substantially, reflecting the lack of legislation relating to child protection in Pakistan as a result. If we are to secure the future of our country, the government needs to invest in the future of the youth that cannot remain disenfranchised on all fronts and that too with the utmost care.

Already, orders have been issued to the Lahore CCPO to accelerate the crackdown on child beggars who have become accustomed to begging for money or assistance. The intended purpose is not only to facilitate the children and their prosperity but to also set a precedent against such acts so that they are discouraged in the future. Another factor to consider is the immense hold of the begging mafia that exploits children for their own benefit. Surely, this is a matter not to be taken leniently. Children are considered to be one of the most vulnerable factions of society and upholding their rights, as well as ensuring their protection, should be a priority for the government.

It is imperative that all special action for children rescued is done in a manner that is sensitive and nurturing. Authorities like the CPWB have to create comprehensive plans that cater to their future and ensure that they are given a platform through which they can hone in on the skills needed to prosper. Such support is the only way through which the government can prevent them from returning back to the streets later on in their lives. While this anti-begging drive brings us closer to the aim of rehabilitation, much work is yet to be done still.